Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Features of Global Architecture Engineering
All ecosystems on Earth are organically combined with geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere as a common ground. Rapid technological progress brings great convenience to human beings, but on the other hand, has been accumulating problems such as global resource depletion and environmental degradation. Furthermore the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 has shown us a threat in the nature. From these we need to establish a new technology which takes into consideration the global environment, human culture, symbiosis with organism, and safe and secure society, and also we need to find out the direction in which the technology should pursue.

In order to realize the society harmonizing with nature, the education and research in the Department of Global Architecture Engineering aims at the fusion of environment, human culture and technology, the pursuit of comfort and harmony with limited resources, the inheritance and development of professional knowledge for the creation of more advanced technologies and systems. The Department also aims at bringing up persons who can create an attractive human society while considering the sustainable future of our planet, and global human resources with high ethical standards and leadership.
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Taking the future of "Sea" with extensive knowledge and creativity

The sea brings us many blessings together with natural threats. In order to learn from the sea, to protect and develop the sea, the students in the course of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering will study many subjects such as design, analysis, robot, marine environment and energy. You can develop extensive knowledge and creative ability indispensable for human resources who will take the future of "Sea".
Civil Engineering

Contributing to the development and use of sustainable infrastructure

The social infrastructure encompasses roads, railways, harbor, airport, river, water and sewage facilities, energy and information-related facilities, and so on. The students in the course of Civil Engineering will study a wide range of professional subjects in order to become a technical expert who can contribute to the formation and use of a sustainable society where we can feel secure and safe life in the rich natural environment.
Architectural Engineering

Taking advantage of architectural imagination and insight

The course of Architectural Engineering conducts education and research to promote flexible and rich ideas, precise logic, and wide range of knowledge which will be needed in construction of structures. The students in the course can acquire high-level insight and knowledge appropriate for architects or architectural experts through learning various subjects on the architecture, such as design, environment, equipment, structure, production, and so on.

Message from the Division Head of Global Architecture Engineering
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Prof. Kenji DOI