Division of Global Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

I cannot decide the course which suits to me among the courses offered.
During the first year after entering the Department of Global Architecture, you will have several opportunities to hear the details of the three courses (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Architectural Engineering), such as the lectures on Introduction to Global Engineering I and II. In addition, most students will find the course of their interests while getting in touch with a wide range of research fields through attending common and basic educational subjects. You may decide the course after visiting the laboratories by yourself and/or hearing advice of senior students and teachers.
Please tell me how the course will be actually decided.
At the end of the first year, the students of the Department of Global Architecture will be assigned into one of the three courses (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Architectural Engineering). Decision of assignment (grouping) will be made first according to the result of survey of students' desire. However if the number of desired students exceeds the capacity (40 at each course), the final decision will be made by the order of overall scores of the subjects acquired during the first grade (only the subjects assigned for evaluation). The survey will be made 4 times on a regular basis, and the results of those surveys will be announced and the final score and the ranking will be notified to each person individually. Latest information for the agreement on the assignment, please make sure to check the education course curriculum delivered in April at the academic guidance.
Studying looks busy, but is it possible to do both circle activities and part-time work?
Many students enjoy school life in addition to the research and study. You may get free view or insight helpful in your study even from play. However, please bear in mind that studying is the duty of a student.
I wish to get a job on graduation of undergraduate course, although about 90% students go on to the graduate school. It is possible?
It is of course possible. The name of companies which had employed the graduates is shown on the web page for the list of employment. We are supporting undergraduate students in job hunting with the aim of 100% employment.
Is there a system of scholarships?
Enriched supporting services are available, such as Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), tuition exemption scholarship, and other various support mechanisms. To all our students, announcement is made through an electronic bulletin board. For more information please see this bulletin board.
How can I get information materials concerning entrance examinations?
You can download from the following page:
If you have any other questions, please contact with the form on the web site.